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  • Girls Generation 소녀시대

    Girls' Generation (Korean: 소녀시대, Hanja: 少女時代, Sonyeo Sidae ) is a nine-member South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2007. The nine members are: Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Sooyoung and Yoona . They are often referred to as SoShi (소시), or SNSD (mainly outside Korea), the first of which is an abbreviation and the second an acronym of the group's Korean name So Nyeo Shi Dae.

  • Taeyeon

    Kim Tae-yeon (Hangul: 김태연; Hanja: 金太妍 ; born March 9, 1989), commonly known as Taeyeon (pronounced [tæːjʌn]), is a South Korean pop singer, actress, and spokesmodel. She is the leader of the Korean nine-member girl group Girls' Generation, formed by SM Entertainment in 2007. She has also worked as TV presenter, radio DJ and appeared in reality-variety shows, as well as recording solo singles.

  • Jessica

    Jessica Jung (Korean name: Jung Su-yeon; Hangul: 정수연; Hanja: 鄭秀妍; born April 18, 1989), better known by her first name Jessica, is an American singer, dancer, actress and model. She was born in San Francisco, and is fluent in both Korean and English. She is a member of the South Korean nine-member girl group Girls' Generation. She had been trained for seven years as a trainee before debuting with Girls' Generation.

  • Sunny

    Sunny (Hangul: 써니; born Lee Soon-kyu on May 15, 1989) is a South Korean singer, radio DJ, music show host and member of the Korean girl group Girls' Generation, formed by SM Entertainment in 2007. Her father was in the college band Hwaljooro with Bae Chul-soo. She is the niece of Lee Soo Man, the founder of SM Entertainment. In 1998, Sunny entered Starlight Entertainment and became a trainee for 5 years.

  • Tiffany

    Stephanie Hwang (Korean name: Hwang Mi-young; Hangul: 황미영; Hanja: 黃美英; born August 1, 1989), best known as Tiffany, is a Korean American singer and dancer of the South Korean girl group Girls' Generation. Tiffany was born in California, and grew up in Diamond Bar as the youngest of three siblings. She auditioned at the SM Entertainment Starlight Casting System and joined the company on October 2004 in Los Angeles. She was trained for 3 years and 7 months.

  • Hyoyeon

    Kim Hyo-yeon (Hangul: 김효연; Hanja: 金孝淵; born September 22, 1989), better known by her first name Hyoyeon, is a South Korean singer, dancer, and model. She is a member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation, formed by SM Entertainment in 2007. Hyoyeon was born in Incheon, South Korea on September 22, 1989. She auditioned for SM Entertainment at the age of 11 through SM 2000 Casting System.

  • Yuri

    Kwon Yuri (born December 5, 1989) also known by her given name Yuri, is a South Korean singer, actress, model, dancer. She auditioned at the SM Entertainment Casting System and joined the company in 2001 after finishing in second place in the 2001 SM Youth Best Dancer Contest. She then underwent training for 5 years and 11 months before her debut. She is currently attending at Chung-Ang University.

  • Sooyoung

    Choi Soo-young (Hangul: 최수영; born February 10, 1990), commonly known as Sooyoung (수영), is a South Korean singer, actress, spokesmodel, TV presenter, and radio DJ. She was born in Gwangju, Gyeonggi, South Korea on February 10, 1990. She was discovered on SM Casting System via the 2000 SM Open Audition. Sooyoung is currently majoring in performing arts and theater at Chung-Ang University.

  • Yoona

    Im Yoon-Ah (Hangul: 임윤아; Hanja: 林潤娥; also spelled Lim Yun-Ah; born May 30, 1990), commonly known as YoonA (윤아), is a South Korean pop singer, dancer, actress, model and spokesmodel. Yoona made her debut as a singer along with Girls' Generation on August 5, 2007. She made her debut as an actress in the 2007 Korean drama, 9 Ends, 2 Outs. At a young age, she auditioned at the SM Saturday Open Casting Audition and joined the company in 2002.

  • Seohyun

    Seohyun (Hangul: 서현; born on June 28, 1991 in Seoul as Seo Joo-Hyun 서주현) is a South Korean K-pop singer and entertainer. She was appointed by the Seoul Metropolitan Office as their goodwill ambassador for student fitness. She attended Seoul Middle School and Daeyoung High School, then transferred to Jeonju Arts High School, from which she graduated on February 9, 2010 with the Achievement Award and currently attends Dongguk University.

  • SM Entertainment

    S.M. Entertainment is an independent Korean record label, talent agency, producer, and publisher of K-pop, founded by Lee Soo-man in South Korea. Initially, "SM" was an abbreviation of the agency founder's name, but now stands for "Star Museum". its current roster of recording artists include BoA, f(x), Girls' Generation, Kangta, Shinee, Super Junior, TVXQ, etc. The company celebrated its ten-year anniversary with a party on February 15, 2005.


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Monday, May 23, 2011

Comparing Taeyeon and Sooyoung's Legs

It is a well-known fact that Sooyoung is the tallest member in Girls' Generation and Taeyeon is one of the shortest. This difference in height may be significantly due to one thing.

Recently, a comparison of leg lengths between Sooyoung and Taeyeon has become a hot topic. A photograph of the two girls in similar positions has been circulating around the internet. The girls are sitting sideways on a chair, allowing people to notice the difference in the lengths of the girls' legs. It has even been said that the fact that one of Sooyoung's legs is not completely in the frame could be embarassing for Taeyeon.

Sooyoung's long legs have been known for a long time. On a "Radio Star" segment on MBC's "Golden Fishery" in February of 2009, Sooyoung even introduced herself by saying, "I'm in charge of leg length in Girls' Generation."

Fans are showing a variety of responses to the picture showing the differences in leg length between Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Sooyoung, saying comments such as, "It's not that Taeyeon's legs are short, but that Sooyoung's legs are really long", "Sooyoung gives off a mature feel", "Although Taeyeon's legs are shorter than Sooyoung's, it's okay, because she's good at singing and because she's cute."

Source: Nate
Written by: residentbenchwarmer@soshified.com
Translated by: jreddevil07@soshified.com

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